SICCAR is a reliable, future-proof data sharing platform that integrates seamlessly with any existing application or infrastructure. It gives enterprise full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem. SICCAR makes blockchain-level encryption, traceability, and resilience from cyber-attacks accessible for organisations.

DLT: blockchain level cryptography for high integrity data sharing

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the key to high-integrity data sharing within and between organisations. SICCAR improves the accessibility of this blockchain-level cryptography, therefore empowering organisations to establish high-integrity data sharing within their own processes, allowing for high-value and informed business decisions.

DLT is a category encompassing several technologies including blockchain and directed acrylic graphs (DAG). It provides a single source of truth for data, and—when leveraged by SICCAR—allows for high-integrity data sharing both within organisations and across their business ecosystems. DAG improves on blockchain as it is adaptable for complex use cases, in comparison to blockchain’s linear model.

SICCAR enables shared data and governance properties to be extended between parties, with data governed through mutual consensus using DAG. This approach ensures shared data is valid, reliable, and secure, and organisational policies and processes are maintained throughout.


Currently DLT is inaccessible for the public sector and industry because it is seen as complex technology and there is a lack of understanding of the benefits it can bring for an organisation. Additionally, those who best understand an organisation’s data sharing needs often do not have the technical background necessary to implement their own DLT solutions.

Due to this, many organisations fall back to traditional data sharing methods that risk duplication, tampering and loss of data. These methods mean that organisational policies and processes cannot be effectively enforced once that data leaves the ‘safety’ of the original organisation. Traditional data sharing methods are also more costly for organisations due to manual data processing costs.

SICCAR makes blockchain-level cryptography accessible for the benefit of organisations

Using SICCAR, individuals who are subject matter experts in their own industries can leverage DLT to improve their own processes, with or without a technical background. This allows for more effective processes to be created by those who best understand the needs of the organisation. The platform provides a simple workflow through which processes and actors within those processes can be defined.

Organisations rely on the integrity and availability of their data to make effective business decisions. Security of data is also key to protecting organisational interests and confidentiality. SICCAR can be implemented for improved data sharing in multiple sectors, with use cases already evident in health and social care, the public sector, manufacturing, and agriculture. It allows for robust data management with consistent enforcement of policies and processes even as data moves out with the organisation.

The SICCAR data layer provides a shared data register to provide mutual ownership of the data through consent-based sharing. This means that when data is shared, each party only sees that data which is relevant to them. The governance later then serves to architecturally enforce business processes for those data, even out with the original organisation.

Organisations are fast moving entities; therefore, any new data management tool must integrate effectively. The SICCAR integration layer enables shared data capability with minimal disruption to day-to-day organisational functioning.

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