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Assuring the Provenance, Safety and Quality of Food & Drink Products


Permitted gluten levels in the UK are 20 parts per million but in the rest of the world it’s five or less, and UK levels can trigger an auto-immune response in people with Coeliac disease or severe gluten allergies. Consumers who require gluten-free products need assurances that what they’re buying is safe for them.

Many farmers are already recording various processes and actions at field level, from shed-cleaning to crop-spraying and harvesting, but often only on paper which is a time-consuming and outdated method. Growing concerns over food and drink safety, authenticity and carbon footprint mean that consumers, food manufacturers and sellers require trusted, transparent evidence about the lifecycle of products.


SICCAR enables the multiple parties growing, verifying and assuring the oats to add data about the oats throughout their lifecycle. The parties add data to a shared but secure register, in a controlled and compliant process. All the producers and processers involved in the oats’ lifecycle process can add and access the data according to the permissions they have been granted. Some data can be given permission to be public.

This solution allows consumers to trace their oats right back along the supply chain, track what has happened to them through lifecycle back to provenance, and be completely sure they are gluten-free. This journey can be accessed via a QR code on the packaging, which can be scanned to see a whole dashboard of publicly available information, proving the oats’ journey – with trusted data – from farm to fork.

Not only does this solution provide transparency to consumers, but it tilts some power in the supply chain back to the producers, as they are able to evidence the quality of their processes.

With this solution food and drink producers can offer consumers absolute assurance, and maintain the premium for certified gluten-free oats.

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