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SICCAR streamlines cross-department processes with distributed ledger technology. Designed to global standards, SICCAR enables digital-first public services which can be designed collaboratively. 


By streamlining citizen processes,  bureaucracy and confusion is reduced. Services can be designed around the citizen, with the minimal information exposed to each department. 


Processes benefit from greater transparency and clear accountability, with corruption prevention via network consensus makes fraud and manipulation difficult. 


SICCAR delivers demonstratable data compliance and risk reduction. Secure digital processes can produce significant back-office benefits including reduced admin costs and a complete audit trail by default.

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    siccar : (ˈsɪkər) adj. (Old Scots) sure, trusted.

    Who uses SICCAR ?

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    Student Awards Agency Scotland

    Streamlining the Student Funding Application Process

    Food Train

    Safe and Secure Data Sharing Between the Medical and Voluntary Sector

    'SICCAR can be a real game changer for sharing vital evidence of circumstances and eligibility criteria to unlock access to public services and vital support, in a discreet, secure and citizen-controlled way. It has the potential to introduce huge efficiencies, by connecting services and citizens.' 

    Paul Dymock

    Student Awards Agency for Scotland

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    Open Referrals Weeknotes 1

    Open Referrals Weeknotes 1

    The SICCAR team are currently working with CAST, part of Catalyst, to streamline referrals into and within the third sector. This project aims to make it easier for public sector organisations, such as the NHS and Councils, to find the most relevant third sector...

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    SICCAR wins Catalyst’s Open Referrals Project

    SICCAR wins Catalyst’s Open Referrals Project

    SICCAR have been selected to run the Open Referrals project on behalf of Catalyst, a charitable initiative to improve the voluntary sector's digital capabilities. This project aims to make it easier for public sector organisations, such as the NHS and Councils, to...

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