Reduce Operational Costs and Reach Net Zero Targets with High-Integrity Data


Our customers in the energy sector often report being unable to report, manage, and reduce emissions due to a lack of internal expertise and the necessary digital tools.

They are reliant on manual processes and unmanageable technology, such as spreadsheets, which means they have very little visibility and control over their data.

With increased pressure from clients, consumers, and regulators, our customers cannot trust that their current data solutions meet the stringent requirements.


Databox, delivered with our partner Vysus Group, provides end-to-end emissions management based upon high veracity data

We integrate the platform with disparate data sources, automate the calculation of emissions, and provide audit ready reports at the click of a button

Databox removes operational costs and provides verifiable data for compliance and decarbonising


greater than 70 percent

cost saving achieved by automating data acquisition, reporting, and verification

Auditable and verifiable data for compliance

Auditable and verifiable data for compliance, as well as internal and external reporting

Digitised assurance processes

Digitised assurance processes to provide dynamic control and visibility

New insights on data assurance

New insights on data assurance to enhance decision making on decarbonisation initiatives


❝ The Databox pilot proved that we can use innovative technology to automate data acquisition, build a verifiable audit trail, and inform our strategic decarbonisation initiatives ❞

Head of QHSE, Taqa Well Completions