National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland

Delivering Transparent and Secure Supply Chain Operations


Working with multiple organisations within a complex, high-value supply chain can be costly, time consuming and inefficient. Organisations must preserve their commercially sensitive, competitive data yet share asset data to maintain integrity and compliance.

Keeping secure, complete and searchable records covering all aspects of the manufacture of highly-engineered assets can often lead to paper, pdf, spreadsheets. Poor asset records can cause friction between parties because of issues such as bad quality, multiple copies or a lack of controls. This causes inefficiencies, poor transparency, wasted search effort and a lack of insight and reporting.

“Participants in a B2B network might be extremely sensitive about how much information they share. With blockchain, a business network can be designed in a way that supports the confidentiality requirements, understanding which network participant has cyber-secure access to what data under which conditions.”


The SICCAR platform provides a secure and trusted ledger relating to all aspects of high-value assets as they progress through the supply chain into commissioning and operation. By digitising the supply chain, paper waste and inefficiency can be drastically reduced.

All parties in a manufacturing supply chain involved in safety, security and compliance add to a critical asset’s record – creating a traceable, timestamped and searchable history of the asset’s whole life. With granular data permissioning, all parties can contribute their relevant asset data without disclosing commercially sensitive information.

Up-to-date and verifiable asset records reduce risk and ensure safety and order in commissioning, everyday operation, and decommissioning. Recalls of parts, field notices and safety alerts can be quickly implemented and corrective action comprehensively recorded on a tamper-proof ledger. With real-time and historical data on asset records, you can get better insight into your supply chain and identify opportunities for improvement.


  • Digital supply chain improves efficiency and reduces paper-based administration
  • Granular data permissioning allows all parties in the supply chain to contribute to asset history without disclosing sensitive information
  • Ledger is tamper-proof, improving security and validity of data


In the multi-trillion dollar oil and gas industry, reducing operating costs and paper waste through digital supply chain processes saves billions. 


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