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UK government has made a commitment for all housing stock to be EPC C compliant by 2035. This means 29 million houses need to be retrofitted to comply with this target.

There is currently no way for organisations to share retrofit data securely, making it difficult to prioritise the best homes to fit, get access to funding, and measure the impact of works.

Retrofit data is highly sensitive and data breaches pose a huge reputational and financial risk for tenants, local authorities, and suppliers.

Many companies currently hold this sensitive data in email threads, spreadsheets, and hard drives meaning that the information can easily be lost or tampered with.


Siccar provides a secure and efficient way to manage retrofit data, allowing for greater collaboration and sharing of information without compromising privacy or security.

We connect disparate data sources and systems, allowing the analysis of properties, prioritisation of homes, access to funding, managing of the retrofit works, and proving social and environmental benefits.

Our solution gives complete control over how data is shared, thereby eliminating manual processes and protecting the sensitivity and integrity of the information.


❝ Siccar did a professional job in ensuring that our project maintained momentum from inception to delivery and beyond. Their team were there to advise throughout the process and their platform acts as the glue to hold together a multi-layered, ambitious retrofit program. We are continuing to work with the Siccar team and count them as a vital partner as we continue to scale our retrofit projects across the UK ❞

Head of IT, Bell Group