SICCAR was founded on the idea that digital change needs to be foundational as well as superficial.


Our mission is to connect and protect business and society with trustworthy data.

Building a Better Tomorrow With Safer Data


Founded in 2016 under the name Wallet.Services, SICCAR is a data sharing platform built with distributed ledger technology. We solve challenges around data sharing, governance, privacy and security.

At present, people and their data are not protected. Complexity and lack of data integrity slow down innovation. Data breaches are common and have a disastrous impact on both organisations and individuals.

We can do better, should do better, and believe the key to sustainable growth is rooted in Trust, Consent and Integrity: the three key pillars of our platform. 

Our team has engineering expertise, business integrity, practical experience and credibility. At the heart of our combined knowledge lies steadfast commitment to quality and robust system security. We build with integrity and longevity to solve fundamental problems and safeguard lives and livelihoods.

Inherent in our ethos, we enjoy an open and human approach with clients, partners and colleagues. Independently-minded, free-thinking and socially responsible, we take the longer view to makes a real and sustainable difference.

We are building a digital and safer world, for now and generations to come.


Our Values

People of Purpose

We are people of purpose.

We are inspiring individuals, passionate about making a change. We are motivated to solve some of our digital world’s most fundamental issues. 
Speak Our Minds

We speak our minds.

We are honest and direct, encouraging ideas to be challenged. Reflected in our platform and approach to process design, we enjoy challenging the way things have been done in the past. 

SICCAR is driven to help businesses focus on being in business, rather than have to divert their focus to data integrity or digital security.

Get it Done Together

We get ‘it’ done together.

We are driven, determined, committed and relentless. Much like the power of our platform, we believe in collaboration above all else. This is why wadopt an open and collaborative approach with our customers, partners and colleagues.


We are innovators.

We want ideas and courageousness to be at the forefront of everything we do as we continually adapt to our digital environment. 

Change the World

We want to change the world and have fun doing it.

We never want to forget our sense of humour or the power of our resilience. 

Do you share similar values with SICCARCheck out our careers page and enquire about joining our team.