We are pleased to announce that SICCAR is now part of TechMarketView’s Innovation Partner Programme. The prestigious UK technology advisory firm is promoting a series of one-to-one meetings for prospective partners to learn more about SICCAR.

As the most influential tech advisory firm in the UK, TechMarketView have years of experience helping organisations choose the most effective tech solutions to achieve their goals. Since 2018, TechMarketView’s Innovation Partner Programme has matched enterprise software and tech providers with partner organisations looking to provide innovative and effective solutions to clients.

 You can download and view TechMarketView’s informational flyer here.

TechMarketView and SICCAR

In the words of TechMarketView’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner Anthony Miller:

“We are delighted to be helping Peter and the SICCAR team find new partners. This is an outstanding opportunity for tech suppliers to get their sustainability solutions to market quickly and securely based on a tried and tested blockchain platform.”

After hugely successful collaborations with a number of public and private organisations, we are looking to build on this success by forging new partnerships. Organisations such as ISVs (independent software vendors) looking to upgrade their data governance are invited to book a meeting with us via registration form on the TechMarketView website.

How can SICCAR help partner organisations?

SICCAR is an advanced, scalable high-integrity data sharing platform based on DLT, or Distributed Ledger Technology. The platform’s encryption ensures that valuable (and often sensitive) data is secure and protected, even when data is shared with external bodies.

Instead of sending duplicated data to partners or service users, administrators can grant bespoke access privileges to data while remaining in full control of that data. The platform’s blockchain-inspired technology and Single Source of Truth enable tamper-proof data.

One particularly sought-after application is that of sustainability tracking and auditing. With the Net Zero target now in place, transparent, immutable, and cross-organisational data sharing solutions are needed. Partnering with SICCAR can give organisations a huge advantage when it comes to developing secure sustainability solutions.

In the words of SICCAR CEO Peter Ferry:

To achieve Net Zero targets, it is essential that data is 100% accurate and high integrity across entire supply chains and business networks. SICCAR is the only platform that offers fully secure, tamper-proof and validated data sharing, using a ‘single source of the truth’ enabled through blockchain technology.”

SICCAR CTO Stuart Fraser adds:

“We employ state-of-the-art blockchain technology in the SICCAR platform, with solution templates that materially reduce the time and effort for our partners to develop, integrate and deploy sustainability applications. Our dedicated Partner Success team supports our partners all the way, so they get a rapid return on their investment – and happy clients.”

How does SICCAR work with partners?

SICCAR can integrate with existing digital solutions or be used to build new solutions from scratch, depending on an organisation’s needs. There is no need for technical expertise—data governance process and granular access rules can be designed and modified using an intuitive, no-code interface.

Partner organisations benefit from full control over their data, reduced administrative overheads, and the ability to build solutions that rely on readily available, high-integrity data. When collaborating with partners to develop solutions, SICCAR’s expert development team works to solve a partner’s specific challenges and needs.

Over the years, our partnerships have not only enabled us to provide value for organisations and their clients, but have also given us valuable, unparalleled insight and experience in the data governance field.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with SICCAR, book a no-obligation 30-minute one-to-one session with us here.