Your customers don’t compromise. Neither should you.
Find out why creating digital solutions with SICCAR lets you deliver ready-to-deploy, high-value products with high-integrity data.

Optimise don’t compromise

Your customers expect you to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions that enable them to grow their business faster and better.
You know your customer better than anyone else. Their ambitions are yours – but now you need the secure data platform that enables these ambitions to become reality, offering advanced data sharing capabilities that scale up as they grow.

That platform is SICCAR.

    One Platform Unlimited Possibilities
    The high-integrity data sharing platform for high-value business decisions.


    We don’t do duplication.
    Your customers need their data sharing solutions to
    be secure but also simple to operate, and seamless to implement.
    And that’s exactly what you can deliver for them when you partner with SICCAR.

    Innovate don’t stagnate

    SICCAR is a reliable, future-proof data sharing platform that integrates seamlessly with any existing application or infrastructure. It gives enterprise full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem.


    • Automate data sharing and reduce manual data processing costs.
    • Replace traditional data sharing methods that are at risk of duplication, tampering and loss.
    • Quickly and easily build out new data sharing processes in an environment that is easy-to-use for both technical and non-technical staff.
    • Benefit from the inherent qualities of distributed ledger technology like encryption, traceability, and resilience from cyber-attacks.

      The high-integrity data sharing platform for high-value business decisions.

      See the SICCAR difference for yourself

      Witness first hand as our experts demonstrate how to build data sharing solutions in SICCAR, benefitting from complete control, transparency and security. 

      Find out how to:

      1. Set up data sharing processes that can span multiple organisations or departments, using a single source of truth.
      2. Enforce robust data governance policies to be extended through the supply chain or business ecosystem.
      3. Quickly build out digital services that rely on high-integrity data.

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      Partnership Types

      Distribution Partner

      Our distribution partners offer SICCAR as a solution to their customers’ requirements.

      Ideal for:

      • Consultancies
      • Cloud platform providers

      Technology Partner

      Our technology partners use SICCAR to quickly and easily build custom solutions.

      Because they use SICCAR as the core platform, their solutions have enhanced security, scalability and data governance.

      Ideal for:

      • App providers
      • Software development companies
      • Digital agencies

      Knowledge Partner

      Our knowledge partners support us by providing the intelligence to develop our platform to be valuable to society.

       Ideal for:

      • Third sector agencies
      • Service providers
      • Public sector bodies
      • Universities
      • Membership organisations

      Why Partner With SICCAR?

      Deliver More Value

      Offer superior value to your customers by working with SICCAR, the UK’s leading data sharing platform, to deliver secure data solutions.

      strategic advantage

      Gain a Strategic Advantage

      Strengthen your strategic position by leveraging the expertise of the SICCAR team


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      Access SICCAR’s extensive network of like-minded organisations and get exclusive insights before anyone else.

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