With the overarching theme of ‘accelerating the transition to a better energy future’, Siccar hit the open road and travelled to Aberdeen last week to exhibit our groundbreaking technology, the Energy Transition Databox, at the 50th Anniversary of Offshore Europe. This specific event provides the perfect opportunity for exhibitors and visitors alike to showcase their latest technical views and developments within the energy industry as it moves towards a more sustainable future alongside keynote speeches from the likes of Stuart Payne, Simon Roddy and Sian Lloyd-Rees. We were thrilled to host our first event of the year in collaboration with our industry partners, Vysus Group, at the Learning Zone which included an introduction to the Energy Transition Databox from COO Brian McCrindle and CEO of Vysus Group, David Clark. We were treated to a technical overview of the problem at hand from Principal Consultant, Neil Rimmer and the very first exclusive public demonstration of Databox from Ghislaine Barry. Our attendees had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about the application and to enjoy a buffet lunch with our team. Aside from the excitement of attending the biggest conference for Oil and Gas in Europe and networking with many interesting individuals; what did we learn from our week on the road?

Collaboration amongst organisations is imperative in the fight to hit decarbonisation goals.

There was a consensus between the visitors to our pod on the Scottish Pavilion that there needs to be more collaboration within the industry when reporting emissions figures. There is a fear within the industry around the handling of sensitive data and it continues to become more apparent that cooperation across a supply chain requires data sharing that is efficient and protects valuable intellectual property. Organisations have typically avoided this level of collaboration as the belief has been that sharing data is comparable to giving away valuable trade secrets, however it is clear that with new technology innovations, data sharing is an opportunity to increase efficiency across the supply chain and to move away from the traditional siloed way of working. With trust, the industry can move towards a world of collaboration and utilise the opportunities available.

Trust is the key to unlocking a conservative industry.

Greater trust and integrity is required for the implementation of effective and efficient regulations across the industry. Companies that are not building trust as we move through the energy transition put themselves at greater risk. Trust is the foundation for addressing climate change and a necessity for ensuring that the oil and gas industry continues to thrive. By enhancing transparency across the board, not only in terms of the figures that they are producing but the ways in which they are producing them, organisations can leverage trust for a sustainable future, providing the opportunity to align their operations, and driving their efforts to report their emissions consistently. Having the right technology to share data in a trusted, tamperproof and secure environment is critical to the success of an industry pushing to reach Net Zero.

So, how does Siccar fit into this?

For companies that want to embrace collaboration and address the need for secure and auditable emissions data, we have launched the Energy Transition Databox. It provides operators and service companies with trusted data that enables them to comply with environmental regulations, gain access to capital, and uphold their reputation. We are uniquely placed to provide verifiable emissions data and actionable decarbonisation outcomes by combining decades of emissions assurance with industry leading data sharing technology, underpinned by engineering expertise in the energy sector. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Energy Transition Databox or would like to see a demo, reach out to myself Ghislaine Barry (ghislaineb@siccar.net) or Jonathan Jones (jj@siccar.net).