Join our Director Rab on 17th June at Digital Leaders Week to learn how we can demonstrate social value with the latest digital technologies. 

About this Talk

This talk will explain how the government’s new, post pandemic, focus on social value can be better operationalised and measured using registers – 21st century digital registers.

About Rab Campbell, Director at SICCAR

Founder - Peter Ferry

Rab is an experienced business leader and was the founding Chairperson of SICCAR. Prior to that he was involved in establishing CodeClan, Scotland’s award winning Digital Skills Academy. This followed a lengthy career with ICL, the University of Zimbabwe, Logica and CGI in a wide variety of operational, consultancy and sales roles. He ran a project in 2020 looking at ways of better involving the third sector to reduce delayed discharges from hospital. This project led directly to Siccar’s current project, with CAST, looking at the opportunity to increase social value by implementing open referral standards. Rab is energetic, enthusiastic and an out-and-out team player.