A secure solution for accurately managing and recording direct and indirect emissions to improve sustainability reporting and simplify compliance with environmental legislation

EDINBURGH, UK. 25th October, 2022 — At this year’s ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference enterprise data sharing platform SICCAR, and global engineering and technical consultancy Vysus Group, will demonstrate the Energy Transition Databox – a market-leading end-to-end data management solution that allows oil and gas companies and other organisations in the energy sector to manage and share accurate and trusted emissions information across their supply chain.

Compiling verifiable emissions data, and in particular for the reporting of Scope Three emissions (emissions that are the result of assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organisation, but indirectly impacts on its value chain), is a crucial requirement for oil and gas operators in demonstrating sustainability credentials, meeting legal obligations to minimise carbon emissions and delivering on environmental sustainability promises. In the past, the data gathering process has been complex, encompassing many upstream and downstream stakeholders with significant risk that information can be lost, corrupted, deleted or duplicated.

The Energy Transition Databox addresses these challenges by providing a complete emissions management solution that efficiently brings together data on direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while offering unprecedented levels of accuracy and security. Using the Databox, organisations can calculate, report and verifiably demonstrate GHG emissions based on trusted internal and external data, and use analytics and insights to shape the future of their businesses.

Built on SICCAR’s blockchain-based enterprise data sharing platform, the Energy Transition Databox adds encrypted end-to-end emissions data as tamperproof transactions, creating a single source of truth and a verifiable chain of custody. Data is available to authorised users with the appropriate access permissions and can be shared safely with enforced security by design. The platform quickly and easily integrates with an operator’s existing data reporting systems and is supported by the engineering and environmental management capabilities of Vysus Group; a licensed provider of the internationally-recognised AA1000AS standard for emissions reporting.

SICCAR CEO Dominic McCann comments: “We are excited to show the results of our partnership at ADIPEC 2022. This is a leading event in the international energy calendar and with its focus on decarbonization strategies for a sustainable future the perfect forum to showcase our market-leading, fully secure, end-to-end emissions data tracking and recording solution.”

David Clark, CEO at Vysus Group, adds: “This strategic partnership between Vysus Group and SICCAR to deliver a unique end-to-end emissions management solution, will bring significant benefits to our customers operating across the energy sector, from oil and gas to offshore wind. Through the Energy Transition Databox, operators can be assured that the data they are reporting on and demonstrating is fully accurate and meets their ESG obligations, which is essential in the current climate.

“Our team has decades of hands-on environmental management consulting and world-class engineering experience and by combining this with SICCAR’s cutting-edge technology solutions, we can help assure the integrity of emissions reporting, with true insights to optimise operations and investment.”

To find out more about the Energy Transition Databox visit: Energy Transition Databox (vysusgroup.com)

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the ADIPEC 2022 Exhibition and Conference takes place from 31st October to 3rd November at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

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SICCAR offers a high-integrity data sharing platform that gives enterprises full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem. Built on distributed ledger technology, the SICCAR platform brings together encrypted end-to-end data with tamperproof transactions, creating a single source of truth and a verifiable chain of custody. Data is available to authorized users with the appropriate access permissions and can be shared safely with enforced security by design.

Using the SICCAR platform enterprises in any industry can automate data sharing and reduce manual data processing costs, replace traditional data sharing methods that are at risk of duplication, tampering and loss and quickly and easily build out new data sharing processes in an environment that is easy-to-use for both technical and non-technical staff.

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Driven by its purpose to help clients manage risk and maximise performance, Vysus Group blends deep technical knowledge and data-driven insights with hands-on expertise. Working on complex and large-scale energy projects around the world, Vysus Group is one of the leading engineering consultancy partners of choice.

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