The SICCAR team are working with CAST as part of Catalyst, to build a scalable and re-usable tech prototype to support referrals into and within the voluntary sector.

We had a fascinating Issues and Opportunities workshop this week which brought together all the organisations that we have been working individually with to date.   

We spent an hour talking through personas and prototype publish & search processes. We then voted on, and spent some time discussing, the most significant issues and opportunities that emerged.  The headline outputs were:

The top three issues

  • Managing demand (where there is limited capacity)
  • Unsuitable referrals
  • Incomplete information   

The top three opportunities  

  • Publicising the voluntary sector and its services
  • Reliable and complete information to support referrals
  • Statutory sector engagement and uptake of voluntary sector services 

Special thanks to Alison Talbot, Nancy Byson, John McDonald, Chris Mackie, Tina Favier and Catherine Howe— and their respective organisations—for their help and valuable input.  

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