Join our Marketing Manager, Iona Murray on 16th June at Digital Leaders Week to learn why Open Referrals are the new standard for referrals to the third sector.

About this Talk

Open Referrals are the new standard way to refer citizens to third sector provided services. Based on the Open Referral UK data standard, the network allows charities to self-register and update their services and in turn enable efficient referrals and social prescriptions.

Working with CAST (Catalyst Digital Charity) and other stakeholders, SICCAR has proven that open referrals are an essential mechanism for local authorities and the organisations they work with to improve population health outcomes at scale.

Join this session to find out:

  • More details on the Open Referral network, including information on the underlying platform, SICCAR
  • How open referrals can be used to deliver and report on social value and make more efficient use of third sector services
  • Opportunities for local authorities and third sector organisations to get the maximum benefit from open referrals

The audience will walk away with 3 key action items they can take to discover their organisation’s readiness for open referrals and define the next steps to get involved.

About Iona Murray

Founder - Peter Ferry

Iona is a marketer at SICCAR. Starting her career as a business apprentice at Microsoft, Iona joined the SICCAR team whilst still an undergraduate student. Her time at university included a year spent in Milan where she had the opportunity to study marketing from an international perspective. Iona’s dissertation research focussed on attitudes towards technology innovation in Public Sector, which is what spurred her on to pursue a career in the technology industry.