Join our CEO Peter Ferry on 4th April for a round table discussion and showcase of the technology innovations being developed to combat Covid-19, an event organised by Digital Scotland.

About this event

A round table discussion and showcase of the technology innovations being developed to combat Covid-19.

As this article explains there are a myriad of technologies being employed to tackle the pandemic, including population surveillance, case identification, contact tracing and evaluation of interventions on the basis of mobility data and communication with the public, among many others.

In this webinar panel we'll explore the opportunity for Scottish innovators to pioneer this field, and showcase active projects being developed.


Blockchain and Digital Identity

Many key applications could be enabled by common Blockchain and Digital Identity infrastructure.
‘Immunization Passports’ could be approached as a subset of mainstream Digital Passports built on these technologies.

Data Sharing

Similarly in their just released digital strategy, the Scottish Government describes a key objective of “Adopt a common approach to online identity where personal data is controlled by the individual.”

This capability could be harnessed for a variety of Covid applications, from contact tracing through research data ‘donors’.

About Peter Ferry, CEO of SICCAR and Honorary Consul of Estonia

Founder - Peter Ferry

Peter co-founded Microsoft Scotland and spent much of the dot com boom working in the large financial services institutions of Scotland, consulting on leading-edge web, infrastructure and security projects. Peter's corporate career continued, ultimately leading Microsoft's Cloud and Partner programs and building the Microsoft Technology Centre to demonstrate the business impact of disruptive tech.  He served on the board of ScotlandIS from 2013 to 2015, is on the Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain and was primary author of 'Scottish Government's Digital Strategy: Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services'. Peter also was appointed the Honorary Consul for Estonia – a world-leader in digital government.

Peter has always been excited by leapfrog technologies which have the capability of reshaping the world. That's why he founded SICCAR – to realise the potential of DLT for government and business. Peter has a passion for technology's positive impact on society and government, learned from a period living in Estonia.

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