SICCAR, collaborating with Food Train, are developing solutions to reduce food insecurity among older people. Half a million people over sixty-five in the UK are diagnosed with malnutrition, with a further million being at risk.   It is a hidden problem, with 93% of those suffering living at home.  Often the condition is only diagnosed during a stay in hospital but is linked to factors such as social isolation and limited access to groceries and meals.

A short video explaining how the discharge process works for Mary MacKay, is below:

Hospital dieticians will be able to arrange support services from Food Train, including their “Eat Well Buddy” service, which is already available in West Lothian, on the patient’s behalf. They will be able to securely share confidential information with Food Train, allowing service provision to be coordinated with the patient’s discharge from hospital and a historical record to be kept charting the patient’s progress when living at home.

Older people at risk of suffering malnutrition, with the number tripling over the last decade, are twice as likely to visit their GP and three times as likely to be admitted to hospital than their peers.  They also spend longer in hospital and are more likely to be promptly re-admitted after being discharged.

Together, we believe, we can save four million “excess” bed nights each year in UK hospitals.

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Food Train’s mission is to help older people to eat well and age well and to live independently at home for as long as they wish.  Their values are kindness and compassion, respect and integrity, creativity and diversity, and solutions with impact.   

SICCAR is old Scot’s for sure and trusted. Our mission is to connect and protect business and society.   Our digital  platform puts citizens in control, enabling public, private and voluntary sector organisations to work collaboratively on their behalf.

This report is work commissioned by the NHS Golden Jubilee. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Golden Jubilee Foundation.