Manufacturing Record Book by SICCAR

The Smart Blockchain Solution for keeping better Manufacturing Records

The world is quickly transitioning to a more sustainable, decentralized, and circular economy. The problem? It’s hard to keep track of all the different items, machines and other assets in use.

That’s where this app comes in.

The Manufacturing Record Book creates a single source of truth, which is immutable and cannot be tampered with, and which tracks all assets from the time they’re created to the time they’re scrapped.

The end result is a better connected industry that can take full advantage of its assets.

This app template is fully customisable for your organisation’s bespoke requirements.



  • Total transparency. With the Manufacturing Record Book there are no secrets. All records are on the decentralised ledger, and you’ll know exactly who has access to what information.

  • Superior accuracy.  With its single source of truth and immutability you’ll never have to worry about conflicting information again.

  • Unmatchable security. Benefit from absolute data protection with blockchain technology. With the Manufacturing Record Book you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure in an immutable ledger system.


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