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We all know the importance of secure shared data, especially in ESG reporting.

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    “Collaboration at ecosystem scale is essential to enact the systemic change required for net zero. Until now, industry has lacked the technology needed to build trust and verify sustainability claims. We’re applying our unique data sharing technology to solve this problem across the energy value chain, ensuring our customers comply with regulations and meet their decarbonisation goals.”

    Jonathan Jones

    Growth Lead, SICCAR

    “The SICCAR platform brings together some genuinely exciting principles around encryption, distribution, immutability and utilising blueprints to ensure the direction and visibility of data travel between multiple parties is always correct. This means customers accountable for data driven decisions have full confidence the data they require is tamperproof, and most importantly secure.”

    Chris Dixon

    Head of Customer Success, SICCAR

    At SICCAR we set out with the mission to change an industry.  Increasing company spend now flows into technology and services that looks internally to try and protect unknown and often unusable data value. The volume, variety and velocity of current information and the exponential need for companies to work together has forced the need for change. The investment and energy behind effective technology now more than ever needs focussed on improving trust and collaboration between organisations. We believe in security as a first line of defence and SICCAR is here to help build toward a better future. 

    Dominic McCann

    Chief Executive Officer, SICCAR

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