COVID-19: How to assure secure local resilience and ethical recovery

As we progress towards recovery, we need to ethically build secure capacity and capability to create local resilience. Wallet.Services can help.

Local over global

Covid-19 has seen local governments, societies, businesses, communities and family units valuing health above the values of the current global economy. Due to the pandemic, we have effectively stopped the movement of goods and services across global markets.

Local production for resilience

In recovery, we need to build capacity and capability for creating local economic value.

Wallet.Services software enables security, efficiency and safety – increasing the resilience of the new supply chains we need. Our Smart Registers are creating value in complex manufacturing, pharma 4.0, industrial biotech, and in fintech and regtech.

Wallet.Services’ SICCAR platform enables networks of organisations to share data securely, in a shared smart register, as they make or do things collaboratively. It allows for  the  nuanced permissioning of data across each organisation, preserving commercial confidentiality and increasing productivity.

Smart registers provide one single version of the truth. Please get in touch to start experimenting with our SICCAR Sandbox to see how shared smart registers could help your networks collaborate securely for more resilient local production.

Ethical recovery

Our digital lives have expanded during the crisis – digitally enabled remote working, telehealth, and distance learning have all grown during these ‘interesting’ times.  It has brought into sharp focus our continued reliance on paper and wet signatures, and the difficulties this causes. 

Many of these changes, whilst forced upon us, are beneficial and need to persist if we are to address the enormous challenges the world faces, such as the global climate emergency.     

It is not fair to assume that we are happy to have our video meetings’ data potentially harvested, in exchange for a convenient easy and “free” service. How ethical is it for techno-authoriarian states to demand we use surveillance apps, built by big tech companies which don’t necessarily submit to oversight, to enable relaxation of lockdown? Or, indeed, free-market commercial big tech companies harvesting our data for unknown purposes?

Wallet.Services is focused on an ethical recovery. We want to support companies and governments to act fairly and responsibly with citizens’ personal and commercially sensitive data – which includes our health data.

We think it’d be more ethical and empowering to support peoples’ own claims that they are virus free/vaccinated/have antibodies. If claims are attested to once by a trusted body (e.g. a GP practice), then the attested claim can be used again and again with all the organisations that need assurance of a citizen’s status.   This can be achieved without the need for paper-based certifications.

An ethical COVID-19 assurance service

We are offering a COVID-19 assurance service for ethical recovery.  When a test for SARS-Cov-2 antibodies or a vaccine is available, it will allow citizens to have their test status verified by a trusted source, such as a GP, through a digitally signed “doctor’s note”. This Smart Entitlement will enable hospital staff, doctors, nurses and professional carers to work return to work quickly, work more flexibly, and provides a national resource planning register. It could be extended to  support companies to get workforce back on track – please get in touch to find out more about how our SICCAR  Sandbox could protect citizens’ data whilst securely sharing attested Smart Entitlements.