Optimise Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Keep secure, complete and searchable records covering all aspects of your supply chain with SICCAR.

Enhance Your Supply Chain with a Secure and Trusted ‘Single Source of Truth’

Working with multiple organisations within a complex high value supply chain can be costly, time consuming and inefficient, especially when these organisations need to preserve their commercially sensitive, competitive data yet maintain asset data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Keeping secure, complete and searchable records covering all aspects of the manufacture, supply and operation of high-value,  high-integrity assets can often default to paper, pdf, spreadsheet and multiple disconnected systems. Poor asset records can cause ‘friction’ between parties with issues such as bad quality, multiple copies, a lack of controls causing inefficiencies, poor transparency, wasted effort searching and a lack of insight and reporting.

SICCAR applies distributed ledger technology (DLT) to reduce the complexity of the supply chain process. It enables organisations to easily design and deploy collaborative solutions which simplify supply chain operations. By keeping data safe, SICCAR produces a transparent and tamper-proof audit trail of processes which are compliant by default.

If your organisation is looking for a way to reduce overheads and improve security of asset management, get in touch with our team to discuss the solution.

The Benefits of SICCAR for Asset Management and Optimising the Supply Chain

Unprecedented Protection

Make your supply chain more robust against subversion or attack with our cyber-resilient technology that compounds over time. This protection also applies to privacy and confidentiality of commercially sensitive data without compromising on collaboration.

Automate Reconciliation

SICCAR lets you efficiently manage and accurately track the provenance of all data in a supply chain. Easily show ‘chain of custody’ in highly regulated processes.

Improve Transparency & Speed

SICCAR enables all organisations to create and review ‘digital twins’ of an asset’s journey and records as it progresses through the supply chain. This improves transparency and speed, and significantly reduces operating costs.

Cyber Secure

By anonymising cyber security reporting, companies in competition aren’t reluctant to share individual cyber security concerns or breaches. SICCAR enables more timely and detailed cyber security reporting, which benefits the entire sector as well as mitigating damage for the individual company.

Case Study: SRUC

SICCAR assures the provenance, safety and quality of food and drink products.

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