Scottish Power Renewables

Digitising the Remanufacturing Supply Chain


In the context of the Climate Emergency, remanufacturing is a topic of significant attention and a priority for many organisations in the energy sector. But often, remanufacturers are smaller businesses that find it difficult to provide enough documentation to satisfy big energy companies’ quality assurance requirements.

Despite mounting pressure for business and society to contribute to the circular economy, those working in highly regulated industries must still maintain extensive quality checks and certification which can hinder sustainable practices.


The SICCAR platform enables effective and efficient collaboration between multiple organisations involved in a remanufacturing supply chain. By providing a tamper-proof mechanism for evidence to be supplied and stored efficiently, Scottish Power Renewables can demonstrate a greater level of assurance in the effectiveness of the repair and reselling of their assets to meet their waste reduction targets. This allows for the extension of the service lives of their parts due to a more efficient process, and improved trust in the quality of their supply chain.

By creating a more transparent and accountable process, any problems causing delays can be dealt with more efficiently. The improved trust in the process allows Scottish Power Renewables to better target their remanufacturing work to highly collaborative partners, which is beneficial for the whole supply chain. The fundamental security of the SICCAR platform allows organisations involved to feel empowered to share data with confidence.


  • Secure collaboration between multiple organisations involved in the supply chain
  • Transparent and accountable manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency
  • Maximum trust in the quality of the supply chain

SICCAR provides proveable assurance that assets are remanufactured as new, helping businesses contribute to the circular economy.

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