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SICCAR is a blockchain-based enterprise data sharing platform that gives organisations full control over how data is shared and used across their business ecosystem.

If you are an organisation that would benefit from having complete control over shared data after it leaves your enterprise, get in touch now for early access to SICCAR’s upcoming new release.

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Automate your data sharing processes and reduce manual data processing costs


Organisations depend on reliable data for fast, secure, and operationally efficient decision making. 

Traditionally, after shared data leaves the ‘safety’ of the enterprise, it is not possible to manage what happens to it. Policies and processes can no longer be enforced.

That is why we created an enterprise-ready data sharing platform that embeds robust data management inside and outside of the organisation, empowering you to make better informed business decisions and optimise your operational performance.

“SICCAR can be a real game changer for sharing vital evidence of circumstances and eligibility criteria to unlock access to public services and vital support, in a discreet, secure and citizen-controlled way.”  

Paul Dymock

Head of Innovation, Students Awards Agency for Scotland

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