Reach Net Zero Targets with High-Integrity Data

Siccar enables organisations to enhance their digital solutions with a ‘single source of truth’ to record, monitor and audit emission data.

Empowering Sustainable Procurement and Operations

The Challenge

Organisations in the public and private sectors are expected to reach the Net Zero emissions target by the year 2050.

This means making immediate and lasting changes to almost every aspect of internal operations as well as making more sustainable decisions when it comes to partnerships and procurement.

However, access to the data that is required for sustainability compliance can be difficult to come by. This is the same for your partner organisations—proving your organisation’s own credentials to your partners can be as difficult as verifying theirs is.

However, business users cannot trust that when data leaves or is shared out with their organisation, it will be handled securely and remain accurate and true.

This is a wide, global, pan industry challenge but a specific emerging driver of trusted data collaboration between companies is joint reporting around ESG data.

This is now a heavily regulated industry and companies face significant fines and reputational damage from misreporting. There are not many technologies like Siccar that can provide this shared data provenance between companies.

The Solution!

Thankfully, Siccar can help overcome complex logistical and administrative inter-organisational data sharing challenges.

Siccar’s reliable, secure distributed data register enables cross-organisational recording and sharing of emissions data at every stage of operations.

Our application enables you to create a repeatable process to extract data and automate the acquisition of data across your company or supply chain to build your understanding of what is happening to your data, where it comes from and where it’s going.

We can define at a granular level what happens to your ingested data, giving you complete control over its accessibility and visibility avoiding manual processes that are not secure or verifiable.

How Siccar can help


Siccar enables organisations to share data with each other via processes that can be designed collaboratively, with no need for coding or technical expertise.


Siccar grants administrators complete insight into data across extensive supply chains, enabling accurate tracking of data provenance. Siccar provides the benefit of detailed and reliable audit trails.


The designing principle of Siccar is a Single Source of Truth, inspired by blockchain technologies. This enables a unanimous consensus across an entire network, preventing fraudulent manipulation of data.


Government regulations, such as the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, require regular emissions reports from organisations. Siccar enables quick and accurate auditing of data to create compliance reports to provide to regulatory bodies.

Scottish Government Improvement Service

Case Study: NMIS

With granular data permissioning, all parties can contribute their relevant asset data without disclosing commercially sensitive information.