Our platform provides secure and verifiable

shared data for ESG reporting

ESG performance is now essential for meeting QHSSE requirements, protecting reputation and accessing capital while driving the decarbonisation of the energy sector and promoting global sustainability.

Measuring and reporting emissions is difficult due to:

Increasing complexity of supply chains

Disparate data systems

Inefficient manual processes

The Siccar Solution

Our solution addresses these core technical challenges by automating data ingestion across the syupply chain, enforcing a single version of the truth, and providing a tamperproof audit trail that records measurements and calculations.

We integrate with dashboard tools to visualise emissions and inform decision-making. It is the definitive solution to measure, report aand reduce end-to-end GHG emissions, based on trusted data.

By taking complete control of emissions data, Siccar’s solution empowers customers to achieve their sustainability goals, avoid penalties, and unlock capital for future growth.

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