Minimise Risk and Achieve Compliance With Trusted Data

SICCAR  enables organisations to grow while staying on top of how data is stored and used.

Collect, Store and Protect Data Across Organisations

Data protection is a momentous task that involves various departments to handle data securely.

It can be challenging to achieve a work culture in which employees follow processes and think carefully about how data is stored and monitored. In larger organisations, or organisations that work collaboratively with others, there can be significant risk to data and privacy breaches, if there is no tight control.

SICCAR enables organisations to share data securely and compliantly, maintaining auditable records of how data is handled. The platform simplifies processes so they are easier to understand and adopt by employees.

As SICCAR is a ‘no code environment’, no software development is required to build out new processes or amend existing ones. This makes maintaining continual auditing and governance with a growing number of processes straightforward. The availability of digital assets makes it quicker and easier to carry out data protection impact assessments, reducing the impact on resources and overheads.

If you are looking for a way to solve the challenge of sharing and protecting data in complex organisations, speak with SICCAR about the solution.

The Benefits of SICCAR for Data Governance & Compliance

Simplify Process Management

Enable data specialists to create and manage complex processes without needing any technical expertise or coding skills. SICCAR is completely ‘no code’ with an accessible graphical interface.

Accurate Reporting

Have complete insight into where and how data is shared and who has access, with detailed audit trails. Enable Data Protection Officers to carry out risk assessments faster with trusted real-time data.

Protect Sensitive Data

Only enable access to data to those who should have access. Manage controls on a granular level and leave no risk for data duplication, external sharing or fraudulent use.

Comply With
Data Protection Legislation

Adhere to UK and international Data Protection Laws like the DPA, GDPR, ePR and other privacy and data protection regulations.

Scottish Government Improvement Service

Case Study: NMIS

With granular data permissioning, all parties can contribute their relevant asset data without disclosing commercially sensitive information.

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