Improve Citizen Experience With Joined-Up Digital Services

SICCAR allows public sector bodies to share sensitive data though one trustworthy platform.

Connect, Streamline and Secure Public Sector Services

 Citizens expect a joined-up experience when interacting with public sector organisations. Sharing sensitive information with different public sector organisations often results in data duplication. Data compliance and privacy concerns get in the way of public sector collaboration, and differing systems and policies create barriers to efficient data sharing.

SICCAR solves the challenge of data sharing with and between public sector bodies. Data is shared following a set of rules and has a full audit trail, with each department only seeing the minimum information they need to. Data is shared in real-time and not duplicated, minimising risk and maximising compliance. What’s more, with the citizens’ consent their information can be reused for similar public services. For local authorities, this means they have an effective tool in hand to better serve the public whilst reducing administrative overheads and instances of fraud.

If you are facing a data sharing challenge in digital public services, get in touch with our team to discuss the solution.

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The Benefits of SICCAR for Citizen Self-Service and Digital Public Services

Joined-Up Public Services

SICCAR streamlines cross-departmental processes with distributed ledger technology. Designed to global standards, SICCAR enables digital-first public services which can be designed collaboratively.

Maximum Efficiency

By streamlining processes, we reduce bureaucracy and confusion. Services can be designed around the individual, with minimal information exposed to each organisation or department.

Shared Process Governance

Processes benefit from greater transparency and clear accountability, with corruption prevention via network consensus making fraud and manipulation difficult.

Cost Reduction

SICCAR integrates with existing digital systems and processes, so roll-out is simple and cost-effective.

Scottish Government Improvement Service

Case Study: Improvement Service

Empowering citizens with reusable digital entitlements.

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