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With SICCAR, you have full control over how data is shared and used. Read our recent case studies here, or get in touch to find out more.

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Case Study: Bell Group

Safe & Secure Data Sharing to allow holistic Green Home Retrofit

SICCAR provides an innovative data-sharing platform to enable holistic Green Home Retrofit of Social Housing across the UK. Bell Group required a way to share information amongst stakeholders to effectively report progress made with the significant upgrade of buildings across multiple council areas. SICCAR’s unique encryption technology ensures unparallelled security of housing data as well as improvements in efficiency of any specific project.

Case Studies


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funding process.

Empowering citizens
with reusable
digital entitlements.

Delivering transparent and
secure supply chain

Assuring the provenance, safety
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The Scottish Government

Investigating the opportunity
for distributed ledger
in Scotland.

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