Bell Group

Securely sharing sensitive data to unlock funding and facilitate retrofit works.

The Challenge

The UK needs to retrofit 29 million homes to meet its net zero targets. However, there is currently no way for organisations to share retrofit data securely, making it difficult to prioritise the best homes to retrofit, get access to funding, and measure the impact of works.

Since energy data is highly sensitive, data breaches would be dangerous for tenants and damaging for local authorities and suppliers.

The Pain

Without secure data management, customers – such as councils and housing authorities – are unable to:

  • Access government funding as they’re unable to prioritise homes
  • Demonstrate and prove the social and environmental value of works

A reliable way is needed to specify retrofit works, access funding, manage installation, and measure social and environmental impact.


Bell Group U.K., one of largest and most successful property services contractors in the U.K., is leading the sector in the retrofit of council and social landlord owned housing stock. Bell remains a family-owned and operated business, with CSR, sustainability and innovation being ingrained in their makeup. The Company operates from 40 branches; providing true national coverage for their clients, tailoring their service delivery to all corners of the British mainland and Northern Ireland, and directly employing over 2000 skilled tradesmen.

Bell Group was looking for a solution to provide data protection whilst allowing the seamless sharing of data across multiple stakeholders involved in retrofit projects around the UK.

By connecting the disparate data sources and systems, Siccar supports Bell’s end-to-end solution.

Data is shared securely and automatically between relevant stakeholders, allowing Bell’s customers to analyse properties, prioritise homes, access funding, manage the retrofit works, and prove social and environmental benefits.

The Value

  • The Pilot project with a leading Scottish Local Authority ties together data from several sources, including Bell Group’s suppliers, local government, and utilities companies
  • Local Authorities and Housing Associations can monitor the performance of retrofitted buildings in real time
  • Information is encrypted and decentralised, meaning Bell does not have access to irrelevant sensitive data

“Siccar did a professional job in ensuring that our project maintained momentum from inception to delivery and beyond. Their team were there to advise throughout the process and their platform acts as the glue to hold together a multi-layered, ambitious retrofit program. We are continuing to work with the Siccar team and count them as a vital partner as we continue to scale our retrofit projects across the UK.”​

Mark Matheson, Head of IT, Bell Group​

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